For over fifteen years, Casasco Studio has been working on a wide variety of residential, civic, commercial and institutional projects – promoting architecture both as an art and an environmentally conscious civic practice. In its work, the firm engages people from diverse disciplines, actively challenging both the functional and the representational conventions of the practice. Research and design methodology is actively adapted to the specifics of each particular project.

The Studio’s inspiration comes from the physical landscape of the Americas and its complex cultural history, as well as from their interest in revising the modernist vocabulary in order to further investigate the socially mediated relationship between the body and the land. As a result, their production is guided both by rigorous formal principles and a respectful curiosity for the natural and/or cultural environment.

Casasco Studio is committed to responsible tectonic and technological invention, based on achievements of both industrial and vernacular building systems. Casasco’s formal perfectionism is matched by intense research of building systems and materials, guided by a sensitivity for the visceral experience of space.

The firm’s aesthetic principles and technical expertise are complemented by its support for responsible affirmation of civic pride in the urban environment. Several decades of participation in town planning projects attests to this engagement.