APPELL HOUSE seaside, florida

The Appell House by Casasco is a brilliant example of deftly turning Seaside's building codes into an advantage for expressing the tectonic system within the constraints of the type and materials.

-Diane Ghirardo

Victoria Casasco was part of the initial urban design charette and acted as a Town Architect in 1987. She designed buildings in the town that attempted to test the limits of the code by diverging from typical interpretations and introducing modern operations of space making. The Appell house abstracts typical Southern vernacular practices regarding wood construction. The structural skeleton is exposed and the wood cladding is treated as an exterior "skin." Also the transparency between the interior and exterior provides for complex spatial relationships, while responding to climate. This house and the other building projects also explore experimental uses of materials. Casasco's work is among that of several designers who have demonstrated that the architectural code is potentially quite expansive with regard to architectural intent.

-David Mohney & Keller Easterling

An architect who gets under the skin of Americana in
a new beach house...Casasco's radical twist on
small-town vernacular shows the way to a bold new
architecture of leisure.

-Metropolitan Home

Delicately elegant...A most unusual version of the
southern wood-frame vernacular, the house seems to
combine successfully the familiar with the original.

-Lucy D. Rosenfeld, Amazing Space