1999-prs. Yale University, Assistant Professor

1996 University of California, Los Angeles, Visiting Associate Professor

1989-95 Southern California Institute of Architecture, Associate Professor

1994 Arizona State University, Visiting Associate Professor

Graduate Urban Design Topic Studio: ‘From Land Form to Built Form, Neighborhood Commercial Districts for NE Scottsdale, Arizona’, 160 Acre Study

1992 University of Texas at Austin, Visiting Assistant Professor

Graduate Topic Studio, ‘The Constructed Desert, an Arizona Case Study’, 80 Acre Study

1988-90, 1996 California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Assistant Professor

Graduate Topic Studios
Thesis Design Studio, individual Thesis conceptualization & development
Undergraduate Studios
Second & Third Year Core Building Studios

1987-88 Mississippi State University, Visiting Assistant Professor

Assistant Director of ‘Small Town Graduate Planning Program’
Graduate Studio Coordinator & Second Year Design Studio





Leipziger Platz
Berlin, Germany
A 60,000 SF ten story commercial building with four levels of residential, six levels of commercial- retail space and two below level parking areas.
Client: Erhard Ellenberger, DG Immobilien Bank

Music Center
Seoul, Korea
A 65,000 SF six story commercial/ retail building with six upper level practice studios, a one hundred person lower level string instrument auditorium and parking.
Client: Shinsa LLP

Ibiza Restaurant
Los Angeles, California
A 4,500 S.F. restaurant
Client: Scott Wood

Darymple Production Studio
Los Angeles, California
Lighting installations & interiors.
Client: Robert Darymple

Bud & Alley’s Oyster Bar
Seaside, Florida
A steel and canvas structure located on the beach with a bar and seating area for 20.
Client: Robert Davis

Sip and Dip Bar
Seaside, Florida
A bar and concession for the Town of Seaside.
Client: Robert Davis


Tamarita Apartment Building
Barcelona, Spain
Project Designer of a four Story, 86,000 S.F. building to house 18 duplex apartment units with below level parking.
Client: Eduardo Canoa, Developer

La Caixa Apartment Building
Barcelona, Spain
Project Designer for a eight story, 63 unit apartment building with a 9,000 S.F. ground level bank and retail center.
Client: Banco La Caixa


Liberty Harbor North
Jersey City, New Jersey
A 100 acre neighborhood mixed use plan with pedestrian focus. 1,700 residential units, parking, office, retail and civic uses. Consultant for Duany PlatterZyberk Architects.
Client: Peter Mocco

Arizona Neighborhood Residential Plan
Scottsdale, Arizona
A 20 acre neighborhood residential plan with pedestrian & environmental focus. 100 residential units, a community center, and public trails. Market research, economic studies, environmental research & pro-formas developed in office.
Client: Adelheid Buehler Casasco

Public Street Design Consultant for the City of Scottsdale

Scottsdale, Arizona
Analysis of street widths, curb cuts, turning radii dimensions, vegetated islands in the public right of way, & pedestrian focused streets for the city of Scottsdale.
Client: Department of Transportation, Engineering & Planning, City of Scottsdale.

Crenshaw District Planning Study, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California.
A 12 block neighborhood planning study requested by the Los Angeles Mayors Office to revitalize a twelve block area.
Client: Los Angels Mayors Office, Mayor Bradley

Seaside Town Architect, Victoria Casasco
Seaside Town Parking Analysis, Sidewalks and Pedestrian Crossings
Seaside, Florida
Master plan of future parking capacity for residential and commercial sections of the town.
Client: Robert Davis, Developer


Town of Seaside
Seaside, Florida
Design team consultant for the master plan and zoning code of a new town. An 80 acre site with 1/2 mile beachfront subdivided into 350 lots for single family homes, a retail center, conference facilities and recreation area.
Client: Robert Davis, Developer

Nance Canyon Project
Chico California
6,800 new town in Chico, California. Environmental issues in new town planning setting a precedent for future growth areas. Consultant for Duany Platter-Zyberk Architects
Client: Blakely, Swartz , Developers


13 Acre Public Park & School
East Clayton, British Columbia
As lead architects we worked in collaboration with Balmori & Associate, landscape architects, for the design of a new regional Public Park and elementary school. A sustainable demonstration site, the joint programs embrace principles of pedestrian communities including shared streets. Local ecology & climate are embraced in the design process, with onsite 'event structures' providing creative environmental teaching tools for the school.
Client: East Clayton Regional Committee, City of Surrey, University of British Columbia

101 Freeway Bridge Competition

Los Angeles, California
As Lead Architects we were short listed for the design of a new 5 million dollar bridge spanning the 101 freeway. Pedestrian planning & proposed future retail office space was included.
Client: Metropolitan Transit Authority, Los Angeles

Seaside Public Branch Library
Seaside, Florida
A 10,000 S.F. library which serves as a branch to the Defuniak-Walton County Library.
Client: Defuniak-Walton County Library & Robert Davis

Inlet Beach Fire Station
Walton County, Florida
A 15,000 S.F. firehouse with 6 engine bays, 8 dormitories, offices, and a meeting hall.
Client: Walton County Fire Department

Water Pumping Station
Seaside, Florida
A water circulation pump station for the Town of Seaside.
Client: Robert Davis

Dartmouth College Arts Center
Hanover, New Hampshire
A competition for a 225,000 S.F. addition to an existing gallery and historic structure on the site.housing art studios, a library, exhibition spaces, and administrative offices.
Client: Dartmouth College

Public Library
New York City, N.Y.
A 15,000 sf. neighborhood library adjacent to an elementary school housing separate adult and children’s libraries, public theater, music center, and a park.
Client: The Greenwich Village Community Organization

Middle School
Barcelona, Spain
A 25,000 S.F. private school with indoor sports area, lecture rooms, cafeteria, and auditoriums.
Client: Comunidad de Ciudad Diagonal

Christian Meeting House
Hicksville, New York
Design for a 2,500 S.F. addition to an existing church.
Client: Christian Association


Schaeffer Residence
Durham, North Carolina
Residence in process
Client: Jim & Tammy Schaeffer

Shak Residence
Los Angeles, California
Residence in process
Client: Joseph Shak

Chao Studio
Venice, California
Painting Studio & residence in process
Client: Steven Chao & Irina Aliminastiau

80’ Chris Craft, Tania
Los Angeles, California
Interiors of an 80’ Chris Craft.
Client: Ruth Bettelheim

Hornick Residence
Los Angeles, California
A 3,000 S.F. private home
Client: John Hornick

Stewart Residence
Los Angeles, California
A 6,500 S.F. private home
Client: Susan and Herb Stewart

Buehler Residence
Lake Forest, Illinois
A 6,000 S.F. private home
Client: Mignon Buehler

Sinoway Residence
Venice, California
A 2,600 S.F. private home.
Client: Mitchel Sinoway

Booth Residence
Santa Monica, California
A 6,000 S.F. private home.
Client: David and Suzanne Booth

Davis Residence Renovation
Seaside , Florida
A 2,000 S.F. interior renovation of an existing home.
Client: Robert Davis

Kaye Residence, Sanscasas
Walton County, Florida
A 2,400 S.F. private home on Camp Creek, Walton County.
Client: Marion Kaye

Appell Residence
Seaside, Florida
A 2,400 S.F. private home.
Client: Roger Appell

Aznar Residence, Casasco-Garcia-Delgado Architects
Barcelona, Spain
A 5,600 S.F. single family four level home extending across
1 acre site with a 1,000 S.F. pool.
Client: Pedro Aznar

Stillman Residence
New York, New York
Design for a 1,600 S.F. loft into a gallery and residence.
Client: Whit and Irene Stillman